Lineker i The Rest is History

Gary Lineker és el propietari de l’empresa que produeix un dels millors podcasts sobre història. Aquest missatge que repdodueixo a sota, l’he enviat als responsables del podcast.

Good afternoon.

I’m a spanish listener of this great podcast. As a jew, and due to the owner of the producing company messup, I must rise up and voice my concern for his totally inaccurate opinion. Maybe The Rest is History could do an episode on the creation of the State of Israel and explain the position of the UK on jewish immigration, from late 1800 to 1948.

That policy might actually be what mr. Lineker wanted to address in his tweets?

I will keep listening, because Tom and Dominic make a GREAT job. Unfortunately, I can not subscribe to The Rest is History Club and give my money to a person with such a wrong grasp of reality.

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